Direct access to a comprehensive legal solution at international level

Since 2006, the firm has been a member of the CONSULEGIS network, an international association of law firms. A network present throughout 45 countries and boasting 150 representatives worldwide. CONSULEGIS enables its members to exchange with lawyers all over the world on a regular basis.

The firm attends two CONSULEGIS conferences every year and constantly liaises with member-firms within the scope of customer follow-up.

CONSULEGIS complements the existing network of correspondent lawyers the firm has developed since it was created in 1989.

Thanks to this network of foreign lawyers, the firm is able to give its customers easy access to top-quality expertise and know-how regarding the local law and taxation of most legal systems.

Inasmuch as the firm is acquainted with its customers' requirements, it is often more effective to question it directly in terms of foreign law. Of course, whenever required by the situation, we will put our customers directly in contact with our usual local partners.

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Lab's is a thought tank devoted to ideas, thoughts, analyses, and training regarding the use of the SECIB management tool. This association aims to help all law firms using a SECIB software solution to enhance their use of this computer tool.

Lab’s thus helps to create a close partnership between the designer of the software and the firm, and to provide it with tools with which to improve its productivity and competitiveness. It is a highly essential research laboratory at a time when procedures are inevitably becoming increasingly dematerialized, and lawyer's professions are undergoing change.

As far as Morvilliers Sentenac & Associés is concerned, Lab’s is an essential ally towards understanding and taking up the technological challenges of a profession currently undergoing in-depth change.